Raising awareness

Carer Awareness at Carers Outreach Service

Professional Training

Professional training on carer awareness can be arranged for any statutory, private or voluntary company.


Working with employers

We work with and encourage employers to adopt carer friendly practices in the workplace.


Carers Forum

We endeavour to hold carers forums regularly to assess need and also consult with carers with regards to any issues. We also participate on third party forums to ensure that the carer’s voice is heard.


Ad Hoc Focus Groups

Focus groups are arranged when required.


GP Facilitators

Our GP Facilitators work closely with all GP surgeries in our geographical area of interest to raise carer awareness. They also encourage the early identification of carers to ensure they receive timely support and encourage preventative measures of supporting carers.



We represent carers at many levels, by attending meetings, providing carer feedback to relevant bodies and also in the press.


Outreach and community development

We work closely within the community to ensure that support delivery is available to all carers, no matter where they live. We endeavour to develop communities that are inclusive and supportive of all carers.