ProfessionalsWe work very closely with professionals and endeavour to raise carer awareness at all times.
ProfessionalsWe encourage referrals by professionals and if you believe that, as a professional, a carer may benefit from our support, please contact us for an electronic or paper referral form.
ProfessionalsProfessional Training on carer awareness can be arranged for any statutory, private or voluntary company.

We also provide training to employers on how to best support carers in the workplace. We encourage all employers to have a carers policy and can help you create such policy, if you do not currently have one.

Despite holding our own carers forums, we are occasionally asked to consult with carers with regards to any issues, on behalf of other organisations. We are more than happy to co-work with other organisations to ensure that the carer’s voice is heard.

We currently employ GP Facilitators who work closely with all GP surgeries in our geographical area of interest to raise carer awareness. They also encourage the early identification of carers to ensure they receive timely support and encourage preventative measures of supporting carers.

We further represent carers at many levels, by attending meetings, providing carer feedback to relevant bodies and also in the press. If you require us to attend any professional meeting to represent carers, please message us and we will be happy to help.