Stress Busters

Some tips on how to beat stress

  • Try not to keep saying 'yes' to everything that's asked of you. This only builds up stress levels. It's ok to say no sometimes. If you always say yes, what is it really worth when we do actually want to say it?
  • Take a break - even if it's only for 10 minutes. Browse through a magazine or just close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music. It is important to take time to re-charge your energy levels.
  • Try some breathing exercises. These can be done at any time and are helpful if you are feeling panicky. Deep breathing calms and relaxes your body. Slowly breathe in (through your nose), filling your lungs (from bottom upwards) as full as possible, and let your stomach expand on the in-breath. Hold your breath for a few seconds then, slowly, exhale until your lungs feel empty. You can learn many forms of breathing from specialist Yoga or Meditation teachers.
  • Count to 10.